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Rockin' in Rhythm have devised several different packages to suit your budget and your entertainment needs. Whether it is a large corporate event or a small party in your back garden the band can be tailor made to your requirements:
Massif |  Gran Turismo |  Original |  Executive |  Lite

Rockin' in Rhythm Massif
If you want a sound to match the size of your wallet then this is the line-up to go for. 7 in the horn section and 7 in the rhythm plus our very own Rachel Bundy with the greatest pipes in showbiz. It's huge, it's huger than huge. It's so huge it will break the bank and blow the roof off all in one.
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Rockin' in Rhythm Gran Turismo
This is the line-up that does all those foreign tours where we have to try and talk in foreign and generally be sterling ambassadors for our once mighty nation.
This combo is also much in demand for weddings and consists of 3 horns, 4 rhythm and our own dear Rachel.
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Rockin' in Rhythm Original
This is how it all started back in '94: 3 horns and 3 rhythm. O.K. so this particular combo does not feature our singer but if this line-up appeals to you then give us the word and we'll ditch the bitch pronto.
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Rockin' in Rhythm Executive
On this one we execute the drummer but if there's anyone else you don't particularly like then we can give them the chop as well. This combo is ideal for a low-key event where the emphasis is on atmosphere and ambience.
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Rockin' in Rhythm Lite
This is just sax, guitar and vocals and typically works a treat in bohemian cafe society where the trio play quietly and yet very movingly to a small crowd of acolytes of one sort or another; intellectuals, installation artists, poets anarchists and debauched homosexualist aristocrats.
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Now all you need to do is decide which package is for you then either email us or contact the Rockin' in Rhythm 24 hour call centre.
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