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Rockin' in Rhythm was formed in 1994 and quickly became one of the busiest working bands in the South of England.
The band perform for all kinds of occassions and the music works well in almost any setting.
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Corporate entertainment
Over the years Rockin' in Rhythm have featured at private functions for businesses and institutions many of them well known household names such as: IBM, MGM, Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank, American Express, Family Law Bar Association, the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and many others.
We regularly perfom at events organised by Southwark Social Servies in South London.
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Jazz festivals & clubs
Rockin' in Rhythm have performed at various festivals both at home and abroad. In June '99 they appeared at the Leamington Spa Jazz Festival which was a great success despite terrible weather conditions.
In April '99 Rockin' in Rhythm appeared at a Festival of Music & Culture in Le Havre, Normandy at the Town Hall.
Rockin' in Rhythm regularly play at the Brighton Jazz Club, St Giles Crypt Jazz Club in Camberwell and the Lewes Jazz Club.
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Rockin' in Rhythm are much in demand particularly in the summer to play at weddings. The music of Rockin' in Rhythm has a broad enough appeal for both young and old, to work very well in this type of situation.
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In the last two years Rockin' in Rhythm have had two tours of the South of France, four tours of Normandy and one expedition to Sweden.
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